Team Members

Becky Aldrich: Co-Founder, Director, and Team Leader


Becky is the co-founder, director and team leader of S.I.P.G.. She has had an intense curiosity for the paranormal from an early age so in 2008, along side her sister and founder of the Maryland Society for Paranormal Research, Southern Illinois Paranormal Group was born.  She is passionate about pursuing what happens to us when we pass on in a scientific, professional manner.  She can be contacted at: 

Call or text Becky @ (314)884-0641

Amy Casper: Investigator

Bio and picture the come. 

Heather Llewellyn: Co-founder of S.I.P.G., Founder, Director, and Team Leader of MSPR


Heather is the other co-founder of S.I.P.G.. Like her little sister, Becky, Heather has had a lifelong passion for the paranormal.  When life events took her to Maryland, she founded the Maryland Society for Paranormal Research and continued her passion for pursuing the unknown.  S.I.P.G. and M.S.P.R. operate as sister groups and, therefore, are extensions of one another.  They hold the same philosophy of respectful, scientific paranormal research.  She can be contacted at

Maryland Society for Paranormal Research

Tyler Townley: Investigator


Tyler was a freelance investigator before SIPG found him.  He brings a fresh perspective to the group  and is ready to move on to a more professional setting with SIPG.  He has always had a curiosity about the paranormal so set out to explore on his own.  Doing that requires a certain amount of bravery so, that, along with his willingness to give 110% to his pursuit of the unknown combines to make an excellent investigator.  We are glad to have Ty on our team!!

Call or text Tyler @ (314)649-0216